Welcome to your Essential Skills Portfolio


Personal summary including short biography and personal, academic, and educational goals.

Interest Inventory

Identify the kinds of work you like doing, and relate this understanding to workplace opportunities.

Skills Assessment

Measure your Essential Skills so you can compare your skills with the skills required in over 400 occupations.


Document experience and skills that show you are likely to succeed in a particular job. Generate a resume to email to employers.

Learning Plan

Upgrade your Essential Skills to the levels expected for the trade or occupation you want to work in.


Examine over 400 occupations ?? tasks performed, skills required, labour market demand, and pay-range.


Save your certificates, testimonials, diplomas, and licenses to show to employers. Search for additional information on employment.


Communicate with your facilitator and receive news from your organization and from ESPORT.

ESPORT is an Essential Skills assessment and planning tool to help people prepare for entry level occupations. ESPORT offers a supported learning program tailored to each of over four hundred occupations.

Clients work on their individual programs in the classroom, at their home computers, and on their smart phones.

Trained Facilitators track and supervise their clients.

Administrators follow and report on activities and outcomes.

Learning and entering information are a click away 24-7. The tools and resources are organized, integrated, and immediately available.

Note: The Government of Canada and other national and international agencies have identified Essential Skills used in nearly every occupation and at different levels of complexity.

Assistance in developing ESPORT was provided by the Government of Canada through Human Investment Programs, HRSDC.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada