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ESPORT is an Essential Skills assessment and planning tool to help people prepare for entry level occupations. ESPORT offers a supported learning program tailored to each of over four hundred occupations.

Learning and entering information are a click away 24-7. The tools and resources are organized, integrated, and immediately available.

Graphic displaying the features of ESPORT


Clients work on their individual programs in the classroom, at their home computers, and on their smart phones.

  • Personal Home Page. See assignments, announcements, job-search, messages, and completed tasks - all from a single page.
  • Interest Inventory. Suggests occupations based on your interests and level of education.
  • Skills Assessment. Compares your skill levels with skills required for the occupations chosen.
  • Portfolio Builder. Demonstrate how your skills match requirements in targeted occupations.
  • Resume Generator. Combines information from Portfolio and Home Page in a resume customized to the job you are seeking.
  • Document Storage. Keep certificates, diplomas, and testimonials in a file - ready to attach to cover letters or send to your employer. *
  • Learning Plan. List assignments and note completions. "How close am I to my goal?"


Trained Facilitators track and supervise their clients.

  • Attendance. On-site and separately to remote computers.*
  • Online Learning Materials. HRSDC's Authentic Materials.
  • Study Groups."Members only" groups for clients working towards similar objectives; e.g. "Health Care". *
  • Library. An evolving feature containing links and information related to Essential Skills, employment, and apprenticeship.
  • Facilitator 'Dashboard'. One or two clicks from nearly everything you want to know - about individuals or groups.


Administrators follow and report on activities and outcomes.

  • Customized Reports. On demand reports - individual, group, or system-wide - real time or scheduled.*
  • Schedules. Posts weekly/monthly schedules of facilitator assignments at multiple sites.*
  • News/Announcements. Facilitators or management post announcements of local interest.
  • Activity Tracking: Track time-on-task, on-site attendance, facilitator/client communication (excluding "confidential dialogue"), employer interviews, portfolios in progress, etc.*
  • Administrator "Dashboard". This is where the Manager lands when logging in - one or two clicks from everything she wants to view or process.


* Coming Soon