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Your PROFILE is a snapshot of who you are, where you are coming from, and what you are planning to accomplish. Include your photo on your Profile page. Let your personality shine through.

Interest Inventory

Answer questions about things you like to do and the way you like to do them. Find occupations that appeal to you. Learn how much they pay, how much demand there is for the occupation, and who the employers are in your community.

Skills Assessment

Test or rate yourself on ten Essential Skills important for employment. Different occupations require different levels. Maybe your skills are just right for the job you are looking for. Or maybe you can improve your chances by improving your performance in a featured skill. TOWES, available with ESPORT, is the gold standard for measuring work-related Reading, Document Use, and Numeracy.


Your Portfolio is a collection of evidence that demonstrates you are the applicant an employer is looking for. Test scores, life experience, job experience, courses, volunteering, certificates, testimonials, education, mentorships, and awards all demonstrate that you are ready to learn on the job you are hired for. As you build your Portfolio, ESPORT formats your information as a résumé that you can email with a cover letter to employers.

Learning Plan

Have you identified a skill you want to upgrade to improve your qualification? A Learning Plan will help you target your learning to the job you are applying for. Online courses from Edmentum®, or Authentic Materials will help you focus on the skills require for the job you want.


Three ways to search for occupations: (1) match interests (2) search by category - health care, sales, finance, equipment operation, etc., or (3) or search by name - pet groomer, nurse aid, welder, or whatever you see advertised. ESPORT describes tasks performed in over 400 occupations so you when interview, you show you understand the job. ESPORT also provides information on what opportunities are open across the country.


Scan and save certificates, testimonials, diplomas, or driver's license to attach and email with your résumé or print up and take with you to an interview. Find information on job search, skills, or trade qualifications.


ESPORT helps you communicate with your facilitator and receive news from your organization or from ESPORT. ESPORT also helps you track your contacts with employers.


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