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Two Participants

Tracey and Wayne are two imagined ESPORT Users. Have a look at some of the work these two people have done so far with ESPORT. Both of them have learned a lot about their readiness for the work they want to do. And both are ready to show employers what they can do.

Tracey Bennet

Tracey Bennet is pretty sure she knows what she wants to do. She wants to be a Pet Groomer. She has successful work experience and some of her life experience is directly related to Pet Grooming. When her résumé went to Pet Smart, they immediately wanted her to come in for an interview. Tracey's résumé

Wayne Haskell

Wayne Haskell is having trouble deciding what he wants to do. Right now is working at Wendy's. They're a good employer and his sister got him the job through a contact. But says he'd like to be working in retail - maybe in shipping, where he could get more regular hours. Wayne's résumé