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Two Participants

Tracey and Wayne are two imagined ESPORT Users. Have a look at some of the work these two people have done so far with ESPORT. Both of them have learned a lot about their readiness for the work they want to do. And both are ready to show employers what they can do.

Tracey Bennet

Tracey Bennet is pretty sure she knows what she wants to do. She wants to be a Pet Groomer. She has successful work experience and some of her life experience is directly related to Pet Grooming. When her résumé went to Pet Smart, they immediately wanted her to come in for an interview. Tracey's résumé

Wayne Haskell

Wayne Haskell is having trouble deciding what he wants to do. Right now is working at Wendy's. They're a good employer and his sister got him the job through a contact. But says he'd like to be working in retail - maybe in shipping, where he could get more regular hours. Wayne's résumé

Tracey's CV

Resume: Tracey Bennet

Tracey Bennet

Resume for:
Pet Groomers and Animal-Care Workers


Tracey Bennet
123 My Street
Winchester, Alberta
Canada K3L 2A4

555-555-5555 (home)
555-444-5555 (cell)

Education History

Years of Education: 10
Institution: Snoop Dog Obedience Training
Dog and Dog Owners' Obedience Certificate
Completed: 2004
Institution: Independent Learning Centre
Adult Basic English (Parts 1 and 2)
Completed: 2003
Institution: Merivale High School
Grade 10
Completed: 2000
(Expiration: 01/2010)

Employment History

'50s Diner
June 2002 - December 2002
Description: Hostess
Duties: Assigning seats in the restaurant.
Pet Mart
January 2003 - Present
Description: Sales Associate
Duties: Operate cash, advise customers, stock shelves.

How I Meet The Essential Skills For This Position

Reading Text
When I worked at Pet Depot, I collected flyers from other pet stores so we could see how our prices compared with theirs. I took a dog obedience course with my dog, and read the manual. I completed ESPORT NOC training to improve my Reading Text skills to the levels needed for this position.
Document Use
I had to read instructions on dog medicines and food. Then I explained to customers how much to use and how to use it. This depended on the size and age of the pet, how much exercise the pet got, and other things. I kept records of stock for inventory.
I wrote notes about telephone orders and deliveries. I kept a diary about my dog for the first six months that I had him. I wrote about what I did and what she did, and how well it worked. I tested Level 2 on TOWES. I passed Adult Basic English (Part 2) with a B+. I completed ESPORT NOC training to improve my Writing skills to the levels needed for this position.
I used the cash register at Pet Mart. I counted the money and wrote it on the form at the end of my shift. I made hand-written bills for customers for deliveries. I had to multiply when people had more than one item. I had to do percents to calculate GST. Sometimes I helped with scheduling work times for the part-time employees. At home I keep a budget for my grandmother because she can't remember well anymore. I can guess how much a dog or cat weighs just by looking at it. I tested Level 3 on TOWES. I did sections on area and weight in EARAT Skill Sheet #3.
Oral Communication
At Pet Depot, everybody said I was a good listener. I could listen to owners and understand what they were saying, and I could almost hear what animals were saying. At '50s Diner, my main job was to greet customers. I had to make them feel comfortable about waiting for seats. Or I had to take them to a seat they would like, and make them feel at home.
Problem Solving
When we sent out orders for Pet Mart, I had to sort out which orders went with which driver. To do this I had to think about areas, routing, and the time it would take them to get there. If I figured it out wrong, I had to think about how to improve the next time. I also had to help pet owners solve problems with their pets. I completed ESPORT NOC training to improve my Problem Solving skills to the levels needed for this position.
Decision Making
At the '50s Diner, I had to decide where to sit groups of people. This meant making decisions with a broad range of factors and with several available solutions. I had to decide which waiters were busy, and how much service people were going to need. Then I had to make decisions based on this. If I made the wrong decision, waiters and customers would be angry.
Job Task Planning
The boss at Pet Mart wrote down what I had to do during my shift. Some of the work was stocking. Some was dealing with customers. I had to relieve the girl at the cash sometimes. And I had to figure out when was the best time for my breaks and meals. The boss didn't care when we did these things, as long as we got them done.
Use of Memory
I have always been good at remembering the characteristics of animals I have dealings with. One time I had to appear in court about a vicious dog, and the dog had to be put down. The judge believed me.
Finding Information
Sometimes when I was working at Pet Mart I had to phone up the veterinarian if customers weren't sure what the vet had told them to buy. I had to look through the different books we were selling so I could suggest to customers which one had the information they wanted. I completed ESPORT NOC training to improve my Finding Information skills to the levels needed for this position.
Working with Others
At the '50s Diner, everybody liked working with me because I always had a smile. I shared out the tables fairly. I didn't give all the tables to one person, even if it was my friend.
Computer Use
In my second year at Pet Mart, they put all the inventory on computers. I learned to use the database to find out what stock we had and what we had ordered. Sometimes, during inventory, I helped input information. I can write letters with a word processor, but nothing fancy. I can type twenty words a minute.

I learned to touch type with Mrs. Mavis Teaches Typing.


NOTE: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) has identified the Essential Skills for PET GROOMERS AND ANIMAL-CARE WORKERS. TRACEY BENNET prepared this resume in reference to these Skills.