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Category: Sales and Service

This category contains sales occupations, personal and protective service occupations and occupations related to the hospitality and tourism industries.

Below is a list of occupation titles within this category. Choose one occupation that interests you, that will be in demand in the future, and that comes close to matching your current skill level. Select one of the following to view a comprehensive detail listing for that occupation and then you can, if desired, start a portfolio targeted to your choice.

1.  Airline Sales and Service Agents      (NOC Code: 6433)
  Airline sales and service agents issue tickets, make reservations, trace missing baggage, arrange for cargo shipments and perform other related customer service duties to assist airline passengers. Airline sales and service agents are employed by airline companies. Load planners, who plan the positioning of cargo on aircraft, are also included in this unit group.
2.  Babysitters, Nannies and Parents' Helpers      (NOC Code: 6474)
  Babysitters care for children on an ongoing or short-term basis. They are usually self-employed or may be employed by babysitting agencies. Nannies care for children in the employer's residence and provide for their health and physical and social development. Parent's helpers assist parent with child-care and household duties. Nannies and parent's helpers are employed by private households, where they may also reside.
3.  Bakers      (NOC Code: 6252)
  Bakers prepare bread, rolls, muffins, pies, pastries, cakes and cookies in retail and wholesale bakeries and dining establishments. They are employed in bakeries, supermarkets, catering companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions, or they may be self-employed. Bakers who are supervisors are included in this unit group.
4.  Bartenders      (NOC Code: 6452)
  Bartenders mix and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They are employed in restaurants, hotels, bars, taverns, private clubs, banquet halls and other licensed establishments. Supervisors of Bartenders are included in this unit group.
5.  Butchers, Meat Cutters and Fishmongers - Retail and Wholesale      (NOC Code: 6251)
  Butchers and meat cutters, retail and wholesale, prepare standard cuts of meat, poultry, fish and shellfish for sale in retail and wholesale food establishments. They are employed in supermarkets, grocery stores, butcher shops, fish stores or may be self-employed. Butchers who are supervisors or heads of departments are included in this group.
6.  By-Law Enforcement and Other Regulatory Officers      (NOC Code: 6463)
  Officers and inspectors in this unit group enforce by-laws and regulations of provincial and municipal governments. They are employed by provincial and municipal governments and agencies.
7.  Cashiers      (NOC Code: 6611)
  Cashiers record and receive payment from customers in stores, restaurants, theatres, business offices and other retail and wholesale establishments for the purchase of goods, services and admission.
8.  Casino Occupations      (NOC Code: 6443)
  Gambling casino workers operate gaming tables, maintain slot machines, accept keno wagers, pay out winning bets and jackpots and collect losing bets. They are employed by gambling casinos. Supervisors of gambling casino workers are included in this unit group.
9.  Cooks      (NOC Code: 6242)
  Cooks prepare and cook a wide variety of foods. They are employed in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other health care institutions, central food commissaries, educational institutions and other establishments. Cooks are also employed aboard trains, ships and at construction and logging camps.
10.  Correctional Service Officers      (NOC Code: 6462)
  Correctional service officers guard prisoners and detainees and maintain order in correctional institutions and other places of detention. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments.
11.  Dry Cleaning and Laundry Occupations      (NOC Code: 6681)
  Dry cleaning and laundry machine operators operate machines to dry-clean or launder garments and household articles. Dry cleaning and laundry inspectors and assemblers check finished garments to ensure that they meet required standards for cleaning and pressing, and assemble and bag finished garments. They are employed in dry cleaning and laundry establishments and in the laundries of hotels, hospitals and similar institutions.
12.  Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants      (NOC Code: 6472)
  This unit group includes workers who assist elementary and secondary school teachers and counsellors. They are employed in public and private elementary and secondary schools.
13.  Estheticians, Electrologists and Related Occupations      (NOC Code: 6482)
  Workers in this unit group provide facial and body treatments designed to enhance an individual's physical appearance. They are employed in beauty salons, electrolysis studios, scalp treatment clinics and other similar establishments or they may be self-employed.
14.  Firefighters       (NOC Code: 6262)
  Firefighters carry out firefighting and fire prevention activities, and assist in other emergencies. They are employed by municipal, provincial and federal governments and by large industrial establishments that have internal firefighting services.
15.  Food and Beverage Servers      (NOC Code: 6453)
  Food and beverage servers take patrons' food and beverage orders and serve orders to patrons. They are employed in restaurants, hotels, bars, taverns, private clubs, banquet halls and similar establishments.
16.  Food Service Supervisors      (NOC Code: 6212)
  Food service supervisors supervise, direct and co-ordinate the activities of workers who prepare, portion and serve food. They are employed by hospitals and other health care establishments and by cafeterias, catering companies and other food service establishments.
17.  Freshwater Angling Guides      (NOC Code: 6442)
  Outdoor sport and recreational guides organize and conduct trips or expeditions for sports enthusiasts, adventurers, tourists and resort guests. They are employed by private companies and resorts or may be self- employed.
18.  Funeral Directors and Embalmers      (NOC Code: 6272)
  Funeral directors co-ordinate and arrange all aspects of funeral services. Embalmers prepare the remains of deceased persons for public visitation and burial. Funeral directors and embalmers are employed by funeral homes.
19.  Grain Elevator Operators      (NOC Code: 6234)
  Grain elevator operators purchase grain from farmers, determine the grade, quality and weight of grain delivered, and maintain records for farmers and companies. They are employed by licensed grain elevator companies.
20.  Grocery Clerks and Shelf Stockers      (NOC Code: 6622)
  Grocery clerks and store shelf stockers pack customers' purchases, price items, stock shelves with merchandise and fill mail and telephone orders. They are employed in retail establishments, such as grocery, hardware and department stores, and in warehouses.
21.  Guest Services Attendants      (NOC Code: 6672)
  This unit group includes workers who carry hotel guests' luggage and escort guests to their rooms, carry travellers' luggage at railway stations and aboard ships, and clean and maintain public areas and passengers' rooms aboard ships and trains. They are employed by hotels, railway companies and water transport companies.
22.  Hairstylists      (NOC Code: 6271)
  Hairstylists and barbers cut and style hair and perform related services. They are employed in hairstyling or hairdressing salons, barber shops, vocational schools, health care establishments and theatre, film and television establishments.
23.  Hotel Front Desk Clerks      (NOC Code: 6435)
  Hotel Front Desk Clerks make room reservations, provide information and services to guests and receive payment for services. They are employed by hotels, motels and resorts.
24.  Hunting Guides      (NOC Code: 6442)
  Outdoor sport and recreational guides organize and conduct trips or expeditions for sports enthusiasts, adventurers, tourists and resort guests. They are employed by private companies and resorts or may be self- employed.
25.  Image, Social and Other Personal Consultants      (NOC Code: 6481)
  Image, social and other personal consultants advise clients on their personal appearance, speaking style, manners or other behaviours in order to improve personal or business images. They are employed by beauty salons, fashion boutiques, modelling schools, image consulting companies or may be self-employed.
26.  Insurance Agents and Brokers      (NOC Code: 6231)
  Insurance agents and brokers sell life, automobile, property, health and other types of insurance to individuals, businesses and public institutions. Insurance agents are employed by individual insurance companies or are independent representatives of specific insurance companies. Insurance brokers are employed by brokerage firms, or may work in partnerships or hold sole proprietorship.
27.  Ironing, Pressing and Finishing Occupations      (NOC Code: 6682)
  This unit group includes workers who iron, press or otherwise finish garments and household articles. They are employed by dry cleaning, laundry and fur cleaning establishments, and by laundries in hotels, hospitals and similar establishments.
28.  Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents      (NOC Code: 6663)
  Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents clean and maintain the interior and exterior of commercial, institutional and residential buildings and their surrounding grounds. Building superintendents employed in large establishments are responsible for the operation of the establishment and may also supervise other workers. They are employed by office and apartment building management companies, school boards, hospitals and other institutions, recreational and shopping facilities, and industrial and other establishments.
29.  Kitchen Helpers and Line Cooks      (NOC Code: 6641)
  Workers in this unit group clear tables, clean kitchen areas, wash dishes, and perform various other activities to assist workers who prepare or serve food and beverages. They are employed in restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, cafeterias, hospitals and other establishments.
30.  Light Cleaners      (NOC Code: 6661)
  Light duty cleaners clean the lobbies, hallways, offices and rooms of hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings and private residences. They are employed by hotels, motels, hospitals, school boards, office building management companies and cleaning service companies.
31.  Local Tour Guides      (NOC Code: 6441)
  Tour and travel guides escort individuals and groups on trips, on sightseeing tours of cities and on tours of historical sites and establishments such as famous buildings, manufacturing plants, cathedrals and theme parks. They also provide descriptions and background information on interesting features. Tour and travel guides are employed by tour operators, resorts and other establishments or may be self-employed.
32.  Maîtres d'hôtel and Hosts or Hostesses      (NOC Code: 6451)
  Maîtres d'hôtel and hosts/hostesses greet patrons and escort them to tables, and supervise and co-ordinate the activities of food and beverage servers. They are employed in restaurants, hotel dining rooms, private clubs, cocktail lounges and similar establishments.
33.  Operators and Attendants in Amusement, Recreation and Sport      (NOC Code: 6671)
  This unit group includes amusement occupations such as operators of amusement rides, games and other attractions, and attendants in amusement, recreation and sports facilities who assist patrons, collect tickets and fees and supervise the use of recreational and sports equipment. They are employed by amusement parks, fairs, exhibitions, carnivals, arenas, billiard parlours, bowling alleys, golf courses, ski centres, tennis clubs and other recreational and sports facilities.
34.  Other Attendants in Accommodation and Travel      (NOC Code: 6672)
  This unit group includes workers who carry hotel guests' luggage and escort guests to their rooms, carry travellers' luggage at airports, in railway stations and aboard ships, and clean and maintain public areas and passengers' rooms aboard ships and trains. They are employed by airports, hotels, railway companies and water transport companies.
35.  Other Elemental Sales Occupations      (NOC Code: 6623)
  This unit group includes workers who sell goods or services during home demonstrations or by telephone soliciting, retail exhibitions or street vending. They are employed by a wide range of retail and wholesale establishments, manufacturers, telemarketing companies and call centres, or they may be self-employed.
36.  Other Elemental Service Occupations      (NOC Code: 6683)
  This unit group includes other elemental occupations, not elsewhere classified, primarily concerned with the provision of services. Workers in these occupations are employed by a wide range of retail service establishments.
37.  Other Protective Service Occupations      (NOC Code: 6465)
  This unit group includes workers who conduct private investigations for clients or employers, implement security measures to protect property against theft and fire and provide other protective services not elsewhere classified. They are employed by security and investigation service companies, hotels, retail establishments, businesses and industry, or they may be self-employed.
38.  Pet Groomers and Animal-Care Workers      (NOC Code: 6483)
  Pet groomers and animal care workers feed, handle, train and groom animals and assist veterinarians, animal health technologists and animal breeders. They are employed by animal hospitals and clinics, animal shelters, breeding and boarding kennels, zoos, pet-grooming service companies and laboratories.
39.  Police Officers (Except Commissioned)      (NOC Code: 6261)
  Police officers protect the public, detect and prevent crime and perform other activities directed at maintaining law and order. They are employed by municipal and federal governments, some provincial and regional governments and the armed forces. This unit group includes military police and railway police.
40.  Pursers and Flight Attendants      (NOC Code: 6432)
  Airline pursers and flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights. Ship pursers attend to the safety and comfort of passengers aboard ships. Airline pursers and flight attendants are employed by airline companies. Ship pursers are employed by tour or cruise boat companies.
41.  Real Estate Agents and Salespersons      (NOC Code: 6232)
  Real estate agents and salespersons act as agents for the sale or purchase of houses, apartments, commercial buildings, land and other real estate and are employed in the real estate industry.
42.  Retail and Wholesale Buyers      (NOC Code: 6233)
  Retail and wholesale buyers buy merchandise for resale by retail and wholesale establishments and are usually responsible for the merchandising operations of retail and wholesale establishments. Retail and wholesale buyers who are supervisors and those who are assistants are included in this unit group.
43.  Retail First Level Managers      (NOC Code: 6211)
  Retail First Level Managers are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations which allow the delivery of products and services to customers. They provide guidance and leadership to staff in order to achieve the goals of the organization and those of the individuals within it. They work on-site and report to another level of management.
44.  Retail Sales Associates      (NOC Code: 6421)
  This profile was developed as part of an occupational standard. The NOC group to which it relates is Retail Salespersons and Sales Clerks. Retail salespersons and sales clerks sell or rent a range of goods and services in stores and other retail businesses and in wholesale businesses that sell on a retail basis to the general public.
45.  Sales Representatives, Wholesale Trade (Non-Technical)      (NOC Code: 6411)
  Sales representatives, wholesale trade (non-technical), sell non-technical goods and services to retail, wholesale, commercial, industrial, professional and other clients domestically and internationally. They are employed by establishments that produce or provide goods and services such as petroleum companies, food, beverage and tobacco producers, clothing manufacturers, motor vehicles and parts manufacturers, hotels, business services firms, and transportation companies. Auctioneers are included in this unit group. Sales representatives, wholesale trade who are supervisors are also included in this unit group.
46.  Security Guards and Related Occupations      (NOC Code: 6651)
  This unit group includes security guards and other related workers who guard property against theft and vandalism, control access to establishments, maintain order and enforce regulations at public events and within establishments. They are employed by private security agencies, retail stores, industrial establishments, museums and other establishments.
47.  Service Station Attendants      (NOC Code: 6621)
  Service station attendants employed in automotive service stations sell fuel and other automotive products and perform such services as fuelling, cleaning, lubricating and performing minor repairs to motor vehicles. Those employed in marinas sell fuel, rent boats and related equipment, and maintain marina facilities.
48.  Sheriffs and Bailiffs      (NOC Code: 6461)
  Sheriffs and bailiffs enforce court orders, serving writs and summonses and seizures of property. They are employed by the provincial courts or may be self-employed.
49.  Specialized Cleaners      (NOC Code: 6662)
  Specialized cleaners clean and refurbish building exteriors, carpets, chimneys, industrial equipment, ventilation systems, windows and other surfaces, using specialized equipment and techniques. They are employed by specialized cleaning service companies or they may be self-employed.
50.  Ticket Agents, Cargo Service Representatives and Related Clerks (Except Airline)      (NOC Code: 6434)
  Ticket agents, cargo service representatives and related clerks (except airline), quote fares and rates, make reservations, issue tickets, process cargo shipment, check baggage and perform other related customer service duties to assist travellers. They are employed by bus and railway companies, freight forwarding and shipping companies, boat cruise operators and other public transit establishments and by travel wholesalers.
51.  Travel Counsellors      (NOC Code: 6431)
  Travel counsellors advise clients on travel options and tour packages, make bookings and reservations, prepare tickets and receive payment. They are employed in travel agencies, transportation and tourism firms and hotel chains.
52.  Visiting Homemakers, Housekeepers and Related Occupations      (NOC Code: 6471)
  Visiting homemakers provide ongoing or short-term home support services for individuals and families during periods of incapacitation, convalescence or family disruption. They are employed by government and non-profit agencies, home care agencies, or are self-employed. Housekeepers perform housekeeping and other home management duties in private households, embassies and other residential establishments. Companions provide elderly and convalescent clients with companionship and personal care in residential or institutional settings. They are employed by home care agencies or may be self-employed. Foster parents care for children or family members in their homes under the direction of a foster parent agency.